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We are a group of friends based in and around Boolarra who ride together, weekly, monthly whenever it takes our fancy usually anywhere in the Gippsland area. Gippsland trail riding and indeed south Gippsland are premier areas for horse trail riding. We are out to enjoy our horses and each others company both locally and further around the district when the mood takes us. We ride with mutual respect for each other in mind and the keyword is fun. Many of us are ATHRA club members, South Gippsland Horse Trail Riding Club Inc, in particular is one of the premier clubs in Gippsland  and more are listed here.

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Tynong North

Ride Out:       10am Ride out

Parking:          Link Road

Duration:         4 hrs plus lunch.

Pace:               Mostly slow.

Lunch:             BBQ supplied.

Travel to Tynong North as you do usually, but go past the Float Park on  Tynong North Road and continue to the bitumen at the bottom of the hill.

 Follow the road round to the right onto Tonimbuk Rd.  You will hit  gravel again for about 1km, and you will see Link Road on your left.  

Park on the verge of Link Road, one behind the other.

This ride is not for the faint-hearted, and definitely not for unfit horses.  There will be virtual bush-bashing, a steep uphill climb, a bit of flat roadwork, a steep downhill incline, and more (very horse-friendly)  roadwork to the lunch stop. After lunch we will face the return trip

which will require another steep uphill climb ( probably best taken at  speed ) and a bit of flat to recover before another long downhill trek and flat riding back to the floats. Both sections of our ride will take a  minimum of 2hrs.

Please advise Jenny (0401 231 653)  or Cyn (0423 672 037) or via our fb  page if you will be attending.

We are planning a club ‘fun day’ for our slow ride in April, and our Club  Ride in May will be held at Boolarra with lunch at the Boolarra Hotel  afterwards.

Non ATHRA riders will need to pay Day Insurance fee of $35.00

Ride Calendar so far.....all rides are subject to change depending on weather etc.

If you think that you may have something that you would like to contribute to this site or a Club you may want to add then contact us. (it's over there to the left and up a bit)


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